One size does not fit all and the workplace environment is inextricably linked to purpose, brand and culture.

As the nature of work evolves, so do our workplaces. The places we prefer to work, and why, are critical for any culturally aware business looking to attract and retain the best staff to understand.


workplaces = people

The workplace is now the venue for far more than somewhere to spend 8 hours a day, Monday to Friday.  It is a place to be creative, to exchange ideas, to form relationships and to share purpose. A place to collaborate, to have virtual meetings but also a place for quiet concentration.

Many people now work flexibly splitting their time between workplace and remote working. Balancing the needs and expectations of people at different stages of their life and career is now driving change.

a lady sits and works at a high table in a co-working space
an office with floor to ceiling windows and a parquet floor. the image looks through the gaps between two sets of desks to the window.
phone booths at circle square

The case for retrofit

The most sustainable building is the building that already exists. It already holds a significant carbon advantage over new builds. Alteration, adaption, refit and improvement can, in the majority of cases, provide the most sustainable solution, even in the case of heritage buildings.

Retrofit requires different skills from new build and a different approach. Buttress have been successfully repurposing all kinds of existing buildings for decades.

four diagrams of a building drawn in 3D with coloured elements on each
a drawing showing a section through an office building
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