We recognise that heritage assets have a place in our future, as well as our past. 

From standalone buildings to heritage-led urban renewal projects, we work with building owners, clients, communities, and stakeholders to develop creative, sustainable solutions that carefully and positively manage change and breathe new into old.

exterior of quarry bank mill, lengthy historic red brick building

Understanding underpins our approach

We recognise that historic buildings are often a comforting anchor point for communities, spaces that reflect the identity of those who built and use them. We draw on years of experience, as well as the skills of our team of accredited conservation architects and heritage consultants, to look holistically at why a building came to be, its cultural and social importance, as well as its historical significance. In doing so, we ensure that we keep and add to what makes a building or place special, by understanding and responding to it with creativity and a sound understanding of the past.

a canopy in front of a stone façade
timber trusses stand out against white walls
looking up into the dome of the Harris Museum

Creating purposeful places

We adopt a collaborative approach to all projects, bringing together the ideas, memories, and aspirations of those who care for and use these buildings. Using this insight, we implement informed decision-making to deliver design solutions and strategies that balance a project’s conservation needs with its long-term public benefit, creating enhanced, purposeful places that have a lasting and positive impact.   

details of stone houses
exterior of quarry bank conservatory surrounded by greenery
interior of stretford public hall, high ceilings, forest green beams, polished wooden floors
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