a sports hall with green walls and timber roof full of children playing sport

Learning environments shape our future. Let's make them the best they can be.

Education environments can have an enormous effect on learning and teaching. Through constant engagement with those who teach, those who learn and those who manage, we’ve grown to understand their needs and how to meet them.

Buttress has designed education projects from primary to university level both nationally and abroad. With an array of challenging briefs and education pedagogies, our design responses have produced award-winning projects for leading schools, colleges, and universities. Whatever the budget, we create distinctive inspiring buildings that are conducive to learning.

a sketch of a school sports pitch
Culford School Learning Resource Centre.
a library with curved roof and red carpet running centrally

Unlocking potential

When working with existing estates, we advocate for the sustainable choice of retaining and reusing where possible.

Where legacy buildings are listed we will draw upon the deep understanding of heritage within Buttress' studios and work with you to unlock their potential and retain them at the heart of the estate.

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