Our culture

We believe in the power of people's creativity to help shape a better world, to build places with meaning. 

Architecture for an equitable tomorrow

Buttress is a B Corp. We work to be the best we can, to have a long-term positive impact on the places we create and shape, the people who use them, and the wider communities they support. 

To be at our best we also work on ourselves as a business with the same passion. We are proud of the culture we have and continue to support and develop it as the practice grows.

We are people, designing spaces for people.

We are highly trusting of the people we work with, supporting them to bring their full creative potential to bear on our work as part of a team. We respect their skill and craft and value their unique perspective; always measuring success by how spaces feel to those who use them.

We deliver timeless buildings.

For both new-build and heritage projects, we use our deep knowledge, thoughtfulness and attention to context, to produce work that endures. This includes honouring the natural world, our home under threat. A perspective maintained across the whole development process end-to-end irrespective of fashion.

We design with meaning and integrity.

Conceiving spaces and places of meaning and endurance is our real expertise. It takes deep knowledge of people and places they have loved for hundreds of years. To look down the road ahead, and at the challenges of the day, you need to combine creativity and skill, problem-solving and curiosity.

We are super collaborators.

Our clients have diverse perspectives and requirements. We seek to understand all of them in our process to shape the best spaces, to meet people's needs, and build a sense of community. We excel in cooperative teamwork; embracing the wide variety of skills and personalities available to us.

We are driven by the creative potential of the future.

We are a company with heart, driven by hope, supporting one another to grow through challenge. Believing that together we will shape a better world. Where all can live well with dignity, where we inspire good in one another.