Hotels & Leisure

Hotels are some of the hardest working spaces we design.

A home from home, somewhere to log in or zone out, a space for events, or for an intimate dinner.

CGI of a hotel

We work with hoteliers across the industry to design spaces that balance style with substance. From creating guest rooms that allow guests to switch off and unwind to developing multifunctional shared spaces that enhance the guest experience, we work hard to create a hotel offer that sets brands and operators apart from the competition. We offer holistic design services including architecture, interior design, and project feasibility.


a cgi of the inside of a restaurant with wooden structure and furniture, and green plants hanging from the rafters
a cgi showing the inside or a Victorian arcade that is now used as a hotel at dusk. There is an arched iron and glass roof and lights are on in the guest bedrooms.
an open kitchen at the mackie mayor, a wooden bar with bowls stacked on it is in front of a chef with steam rising in front of his face

Rooms to rest

We recognise that guest rooms are core to the hotel experience, so its design needs to be carefully considered. For guests, their experience of the guest room can range from an escape from the everyday to a temporary home away from home. For hotel staff, it needs to be efficient and hard-wearing to accommodate volume in use. We work with hoteliers to implement refined interior design options and implement carefully considered design solutions that ensure guests have a comfortable and secure stay.

a plan of a hotel bedroom
a 3d cgi of a hotel bedroom
a hotel bedroom with neutral grey decoration
a cgi of a hotel bar and lounge with green and grey chairs and an art deco feel bar design

Maximising the guest experience

We know that in today’s hotels, communal spaces are growing in size and importance, as people increasingly look for experiences that create a sense of community. From multifunctional, connected lobbies and lounges to wellness centres and flexible all-day dining, we create attractive, high-quality public and social spaces that become a destination for locals and guests alike.

A sketch of scarborough spa

Finding new uses for existing spaces

Many of our hotel and hospitality projects revolve around the tenet of creative reuse. Making something new of out what already exists.


the outside of a city centre historic commercial building constructed of white stone
a cgi of the historic royal clarence hotel, rendered in white with a pavement cafe in the foreground

When the use of a building reaches its end of life it doesn’t mean the building has. There are so many fantastic, currently redundant, buildings on our high streets and in our city centres that can easily translate to a new use.

We love the opportunity to rethink these buildings, and to bring them back to life. The bones and character can give us a framework against which to rethink the spaces, the flow, and the life that can be awakened once again.

a sketch of a historic building converted to an easyhotel
Image of a hotel room located in a former shipping warehouse.

Stepping lightly

Hotels and leisure facilities are epitomized by the moniker work hard / play hard. The challenge for us as designers is to identify where and how within the hospitality brand we can help minimize the carbon footprint and drive sustainability through our design choices.

To have the biggest impact every design decision we make has sustainability embedded. Managing the thermal line, integrating low energy services, and making natural materials choices in the building fabric, hard and soft FM, are all ways in which we can influence and minimize the footprint of new and refurbished buildings.

It is not something that someone else does, it is something we do each and every day with you. Buttress has in-house sustainability services which add value to our design team. Our passivhaus design service, embodied and whole-life carbon assessment, and post-occupancy evaluation, all help us to make sure that your project makes a real contribution to resolving our climate crisis for future generations through a curated range of sustainability services and evidence- based design.

a cgo of the inside of a hotel dining room. Colours are very muted and a feature timber ceiling with criss-crossed beams runs the length of the room.
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