In our residential projects, we prioritise people and place.

We believe that homes are more than just physical structures that provide shelter, they are spaces where we bring up our families, socialize, unwind and retreat from the world.

Making great places to live and call home is fundamental in the design of our forward-thinking projects. 

Exterior shot of a modern residential development.

Prioritising people and place

We recognise that creating successful homes is about more than just bricks and mortar. In our residential projects we prioritise people and place. We engage with clients and communities alike to deliver housing schemes that serve residents’ needs and reflect their aspirations, creating neighborhoods that add to their context, bring together different generations, and that foster a sense of belonging.

We understand the micro and macro detail of housing design development and work alongside commercial developers, local authorities, and social housing providers across the industry to create active, thriving, sustainable communities.

Aerial view of housing scheme. The project is an an urban area and formed mainly in U-shaped blocks.
ancoats dispensary is a victorian brick building which has been adapted to create housing by Buttress Architects.
CGI of a modern apartment scheme

From front door to neighbourhood

What happens when we step beyond our front door and into our neighbourhood? How do we experience our immediate surroundings, the streets and places of the neighbourhood, as we move through them?  Residential design doesn't stop at the front door, it is often a blend of architectural expression and urban design principles. We consider massing, movement, and connectivity all with an eye to the human experience of the spaces between. The context of existing spaces, heritage assets, and communities, all play into the bigger picture and add depth and opportunity to us as designers. We take pleasure in working with communities and neighbourhoods as they develop, and in seeing residents respond to and continue to shape the places they call home.

Advocating for sustainable choices

We are all conscious of our ability as architects and built environment professionals to have a positive impact through good design. As we all strive towards zero carbon projects, the choices we make now with our clients are individually and collectively shaping our future.

Buttress has sought to identify ways to advocate for making sustainability an everyday choice. We have up-skilled our teams (we now have a passivhaus consultant in our residential team) and have introduced sustainability services such as embodied and whole-life carbon assessment, passivhaus designer, and post-occupancy evaluations into our offer. By making sustainability part of every conversation we are looking to break the 'otherness' that still holds back the necessary commitment to change.


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