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Blind Recruitment Policy

At Buttress, we operate a blind recruitment process to help remove unconscious bias from our hiring process. This allows us to assess applicants exclusively on their suitability for the role and creates a fairer system for career opportunities solely based on merit, experience and quality.

To do this, all protected characteristics identified on uploaded CVs and Portfolios (name, age, date of birth, headshots, gender etc) are removed by our administration staff before applications are passed to our hiring team.  Personal information from the application form above will then be reattributed to applications when selection for interviews has been made by our Hiring Manager.  

You don't have to do anything, as we will redact information for you with any submitted printed information - but feel free to redact this yourself as the personal information we require is within this form and kept separate by our HR team.

Right to work in the UK

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Equal Opportunities

Buttress Architects Ltd is an equal opportunities Employer.
The following information, whilst not compulsory at this point, helps us to understand our workforce composition, examine our practices, and meet our Equal Opportunities Policy.
All information will be treated in confidence, and will not be seen by anyone involved in the recruitment process. Your answers are used for monitoring only and will be stored in compliance with our GDPR Policy.
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