Project Voices

Project Voices: Dymo Leung, Brunswick

We are people, designing spaces for people. Our latest project voices are from Brunswick Village in Manchester.

It’s been ten years since work started on the transformation of Brunswick in Manchester. This city centre neighbourhood has seen over 500 new homes built and 650 refurbishments completed in and around new public realm and community facilities.

Buttress with S4B started by talking to the community about what they wanted their neighbourhood to be; now we are back to find out what the experience of living in Brunswick is like for its residents.

Our third story comes from Dymo Leung who moved from Hong Kong with his family.

A portrait of a man wearing a black hooded top and glasses against the backdrop of Brunswick housing estate in Manchester

I'm Dymo, I'm from Hong Kong. Oh, I really miss Hong Kong. But we can't go back. I came to the UK because Hong Kong is now in a very difficult situation. Therefore, I hope my family and daughters can have a new life and they can have freedom in the UK.

Actually, I'm a drama director and also have a drama production company. I still hope I can use my skills and also my experience to serve the community in Brunswick, or Manchester.

I chose to live in Brunswick because, it is very close to a theatre called, the O2 Apollo. It is very close to all my dreams. I hope that one day I can have a performance in the O2 Apollo, because I already have one performance at the Contact Theatre, and I hope I can do more and more performing arts or arts in this community.

The aim, or the goal I hope to do is that I build up a sixth form school, which is performing arts and culture.

I started the board game night in 2022. It is very important for Hongkongers to step into the community, not just to play by themselves. Therefore, I start up many, many different kind of events that the whole community can join.

a room full of people a man in a black hooded top is in the foreground talking to a lady in a yellow top and black jacket
modern brick houses enclose a landscaped green
a man wearing a black hooded top stands on a city centre street. he is smiling at the camera.

I will live in here until I die. Yes, I think I maybe I have seventy years and then and I can go to see God and these thirty years, I think it's just enough for me to start up something. Yeah. Therefore, I hope, they can have next generation, it can be anyone, not my daughters or my family, it can be anyone who can continue. And then maybe after, 50 years, 100 years, something new will happen.