Buttress receives Planet Mark certification

We are pleased to receive Planet Mark certification for the third year.  

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The Planet Mark Business Certification is an internationally recognised sustainability certification for all organisations acknowledging continuous progress, encouraging action, and building an empowered community of like-minded individuals. 

This year, we have successfully reduced our carbon footprint per employee by 8%. Since we began our journey with Planet Mark, we have achieved a total reduction per employee of 36%. 

While our total carbon footprint decreased slightly this year, this was primarily due to limited opportunities for further reductions beyond switching to a renewable energy tariff. However, Planet Mark recognises our efforts under the standard ‘location-based’ method, and we are also reporting our emissions using the ‘market-based’ method. 

Under the market-based method, we have made a significant 34.4% reduction in our emissions, lowering our market-based emissions from 61.6 tCO2e to 40.4 tCO2e. This demonstrates our ongoing commitment to reducing our environmental impact through targeted actions and effective strategies.

The process of certification forms part of our commitment to become increasingly transparent about our net zero goals. Becoming certified has enabled us to be more focused on setting further carbon reduction aims as well as scrutinising our actions and becoming accountable for them.

Technologist, Marcus Rogers, who led the certification process commented: “We are proud to have achieve Planet Mark certification for a third consecutive year. We are committed to reducing our carbon impact year-on-year by taking meaningful steps towards creating a more sustainable future for our business and the planet.”