How can architects bring social value to projects?

Buttress Director, Chithra Marsh spoke to the RIBA Journal recently about how we think about, and create, a positive impact for our clients and communities, and making sure our actions are viable.

a student is making a model of her house in the buttress studio
a student is showing us the model of her house made during her work experience in the buttress studio
school children in a workshop
A child taking part in a Buttress creative workshop, creating paint prints

"'Architecture for an equitable tomorrow' is not just a statement that sits gathering dust at Buttress, it is embedded in our practice as architects and the way we do business. We are a B Corp and seek to do good whilst running a sound business.

"You can’t bump up your fees to cover social value, you have to build it into your business structure," Chithra speaks about finding the balance between the 'nice to dos' and viability, whilst making sure activities have real and measurable impacts."

Read the full article in the RIBA journal here.