Meet us at Not Quite Light Festival

We'll be hosting the 'City Designers, Builders and Adapters' workshop at the Not Quite Light Festival in Salford on Saturday 16 March from 10am to 2pm.

We're excited to announce that members of the Buttress team Lucy Brackenbury and Kim Corrall will be hosting a creative drop-in workshop session as part of the upcoming Not Quite Light festival.

Headshot of Lucy Brackenbury, woman wearing a black blouse.
Headshot of Kimberley Corrall, a woman wearing a patterned shirt.

Located at Artsite, this drop-in session is tailored towards young people of around 6-14 years old.

Over the first three hours, children will engage in a creative exploration, envisioning and mapping out a new city, considering its features, needs, and sensory experiences. We will aim to encourage out-of-the-box thinking by using various materials to shape the future city collaboratively.

The final hour will focus on the adaption of the city, exploring what elements are retained, discarded, repurposed, recycled and preserved, sparking discussions on decision-making. Participants will have the chance to build wrecking balls to demolish parts of the city and reimagine the city anew, encouraging imaginative and thoughtful engagement.

Bird eye view of crafts workshop table with children
Not Quite Light Festival, 2019

The Not Quite Light Festival, hosted by Simon Buckley, is a celebration of community, built around art, debate, music and architecture. The festival will involve the local Swinton community in a weekend of workshops, exhibitions, live performances, talks and guided walks.

With many projects on-site in Salford, Buttress is always keen to be out in the local community and work with them to envision future places.

Family-friendly, so come and join us.

"It's been a wonderful experience bringing together various community groups and artists and discovering how much talent and energy there is within the town."
Simon Buckley, curator and artistic director of Not Quite Light
Graphic poster of the 'imagine a city' workshop by Buttress and Not Quite Light Festival.

Location: Artsite is situated in the Cultural Quarter of Swinton, in between the Town Hall/Library and The Wyvern Theatre.