A new music and arts hub in Whitehaven

Plans have been submitted for a new music and arts hub in the former Whitehaven Bus Station garage

A computer graphic image showing lots of people dancing and having fun in a large club style building.  There are lights pointing towards a performance stage.  On the left of the image is a shipping container type building.
Illustration of how the new venue could look

Plans have been submitted for a new music and arts hub in the former Whitehaven Bus Station garage. 

Buttress worked on behalf of client BEC, and in collaboration with the local music charity Soundwave which encourages young people to get involved in music-making. The plans repurpose the building using recycled shipping containers to create a new music and community venue allowing young people to develop their skills, artistic talents and socialise in a vibrant creative space. 

The shipping containers create new spaces for recording, rehearsing, workshops and performances with little material change planned for the historic building which was originally built in 1931. The design also focuses on recycled materials and incorporates green energy sources for heating.

Following a public consultation, the plans include a non-licensed, fully accessible and flexible event space for community use.  There will be opportunities to hire out the recording studio, creating videos and music. Sessions will also be offered to local schoolchildren at the venue to encourage their creativity and inspire the next generation of musicians and artists.

A computer designed image showing people playing musical instruments in a large, open room.  Some people are sitting down at a table, chatting having a coffee.  On the left of the image there are two colourful shipping containers.  In the background is another shipping container with doorways for people to enter.  There are lights in the ceiling pointing towards the back of the image which could also be a performance space.
An illustration of how the new music hub in Whitehaven might look
“We very much put young people and the arts central in our design. The venue will provide an essential opportunity for young people in Whitehaven and surrounding areas. Our design encourages young people to relax and be able to express their talents in insulated, soundproof environments as well as giving them significant moments to engage, socialise, and inspire one other.”
Kim Corrall, Buttress
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